• We have been always dreaming big and big dreams know no limitations.Bu I found that requirement of money for day to, day expenses, limits of timing to achieve something big always create barriers for us.
  • Jeevan Saral Group of companies has been established under Indian Company Act ICA-1956with registration no.26944, With its head office in Sidhi the prime focus of the company is to reduce percentage Of the country’s major problem : the problem of unemployment .
  • Jeevan Saral group of Companies is the largest company in central india which performing in many domain Development Resedintial and commercial properties,Generating employment through commercial farming
  • Our lifestyle is the way that we choose to live our lives - the things we buy, the things we believe – it is who we are. I using the planet's resources responsibly?
  • Creating lifestyle by building shopping malls,three star hotels,Development of resedintial and commercial Generating employment through commercial farming

Elegant Style

One of the big benefits of building a new home is that they are more energy efficient, which means you can enjoy big ongoing savings on your running costs.

Easily Customizable

Whether you’re building new or wanting to make your existing home a little greener, here are five simple ways to make your place more efficient:

cross ventilation

The best cross ventilation is achieved by opening windows or doors on opposite sides of your home, so the breeze can flow freely.

Dark and Light Layouts

Light fittings should also be compact fluorescent lamps or LEDs.